Hello everyone.   Merry Christmas!

Can you believe Christmas has been and gone already?  Crazy?  I know!  I hope you all had a smashing Christmas no matter what you got or what you were doing and the rest of the year will be a blast too.


I want to start off with a little bit about what I actually wanted for Christmas.  A little ‘Christmas Wish List’.  I’m 17 now so I don’t get stacks of presents for Christmas like I use to.  In fact, even last year I hardly got anything but mainly because what I wanted, cost a fortune!  *The picture above is for all of us, not just me.  Mostly my 10 year old sister*  This year, I’ve not been fused in what I wanted.  I had mentioned around October time (when my friends had an 18th birthday party), I wanted a Pandora bracelet.  I watched my friends open their presents from other friends and they got a Pandora charm which they can now link to their 18th birthday.  It’s like memories on a bracelet sort of thing?  Does that make any sense?

Gifts: Almost every gift other than the main presents were bath bits and bobs (bath bombs, salts and lotion) – not sure if that’s everyone telling me in need to wash more than I do or not? 😛  Other than that, I got a wash bag (to put all the lotion and potions I got today in), a MK handbag, couple of t-shirts and a set of pyjamas with some cosy socks.


Main gift: I was aware I was receiving the Pandora bracelet for many different reasons. 1) Mum asked if I wanted one after I mentioned it earlier on in the year.  2) Mum had to ask for my wrist size and told me what for so I could go higher or lower in size depending how I want it to sit and fit.  3) Mum volunteers in a local charity shop on Fridays.  Someone had come in to donate the charm so my Mum snatched it up as it was selling for £2.50.  My dad and Jenna (step mum) got me another charm to put on my bracelet.  It says “daughter” and the one my mum got me says “I love you” with a heart in like a dice form.


Food gifts: I got LOTS of chocolate.  I mean A LOT!  I love chocolate so it’ll all be eaten before I’m back to work on Tuesday 😛  If there is any left after my Christmas munch tonight…  I get chocolate in my socking before opening any presents.  Me and my siblings all exchange chocolates that we don’t particularly want/like.  The bigger boxes of chocolate (or the chocolate that’s been gifted by a younger sibling) gets wrapped and opened like a present.


Gifts already given: A few times on the run up to Christmas my Mum would tell me she has picked something up for me.  Eventually as time ticked by, when it came to wrapping presents, she’d just hand me a few stuff saying “I’ll just give you it now that way I don’t need to wrap it.”  The only two things I remember were 4 ducks.  One which came as a pack of three and one which was alone.  They already have places on my shelves.  I also knew about a few things she’d gotten me, wrapped and was keeping until Christmas day as she’d be too excited about what she’d picked up, she ended up spilling the beans.

I’m extremely thankful for everything I got.  No matter if I already have it or not.  Now I just have to find a place to put it all as my bath collection box is full already…  I hear a wardrobe clean out coming happening very soon.

Let me know what you got for Christmas down below in the comments and your main big present that you received.  I’m excited to read them all.  If you fancy another read of something else, be sure to check out my blog post from last Thursday – THE STRESS OF THE THEORY TEST (UK).  Leave any ideas you wish me to blog about below.  I’m open to anything.  Until I next post, take care!

Lucy xX