Hello.  Thank you for having a nosey at this blog!  Today is Sunday for me when I’m writing this post.  How was your weekend?  Let me know what you did and how you were below in the comments.  I was VERY ill and tired Friday.  I went to bed at 8:45pm and woke at 7am.  We had Ava over Saturday.  It was horrible weather so we cancelled our plans and stayed inside.  Come today (Sunday), my plans is to work on getting on top of chores and blog posts.

Todays post is all about pancakes.  YUM!  Pancake Day was around a week ago now for us here in the UK.  I attempted making a Pancake Day blog post but I SUCKED at making pancakes a week ago.  Throughout the week I’ve been working on the perfect pancakes to share with you all.  Now I’ve only attempted these 4 times – 3 which have gone very well and 1 not so much…  I’m still going to share my personal recipe I’ve come up with and be sure to let me know how yours goes if you try it out.  You can get in touch below in the comments or by any of my social media I have shared (I’ll link it all at the end of the post).


Makes 5/6 pancakes minimum.

  • Add 300ml of whole milk to a jug – For less dishes to clean up, I add all my ingredients after measured out to the jug.
  • Measure out 200g of plain flour on a plate.  I usually add my flour bit by bit.  So I add 150g to start with, 25g (after I’ve mixed until smooth) then a further 25g.  It is easier to mix together if you are using a jug.
  • Measure out 30g of sugar onto the same plate above.  This is to reduce the end dishes as well HAHA.  I found that 25g was NOT enough sugar because I could not taste it.  I found 30g was enough that you could taste it but you could get away with adding a little more!
  • If you don’t have a non stick frying pan, use something to prevent your pancake sticking like; sunflower oil or I personally use butter.



  1. Gather all your ingredients as explained above.
  2. GRADUALLY add your flour to the milk (its easier to mix that way) until its all in and mixed well.  Your mixture should have the same consistency as yogurt.  See last step if your mixture is too runny or too thick.
  3. If you’ve separated your sugar, this would be the point to add it and mix.
  4. While you are finishing mixing, heat your frying pan up.  Its your choice if you add the “something to prevent your pancake from sticking” now or before you put your mixture in.
  5. Once you feel as if you are ready to make your pancakes, add some mixture to the pan.  However much you wish.
  6. Your pancake will be ready to flip when it freely moves around the pan when you tilt your pan side to side OR apparently when you see air bubbles but I’ve never been able to flip at that point…
  7. Your other side will be able to flip faster.  Just leave it a few seconds before you do so.
  8. Continue flipping your pancake from each side until its the right colour you like it.  I notice the first few are white and don’t really change colour whereas the last one or two are a lot more golden!

** If your pancake isn’t the same consistency as yogurt and is either too thick or too runny, you can add some more milk to help make it less thick OR add more flour to make it thicker **  LITTLE IS MORE Only add a little at a time.  You can always add but cannot take away!


That’s it for my pancake recipe.  I’m going to start working on reducing the mixture measurements so that it only makes a few pancakes for one person because I end up wasting some.  Once I get those measurements for one person, I’ll edit them into this post so be sure to check back again soon!

**EDIT: If you want to make around 3-4 pancakes using this recipe, half the ingredients.  So I used 150ml of milk, 100g of plain flour and 15g of sugar.  Let me know how this goes for you all.  I’ve only made this once.

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Hi everyone!  Hopefully you all had a good New Year.  I took a little break from the blog around that time, I apologise for that.  I will hopefully – fingers crossed – get back into weekly blogging.

I first of all just want to say that everything I mention, is my own opinion and it worked for me BUT,there is a chance it might not work for you.


Before I had a horrendous cold, I had a few days of “pre flu symptoms” which I knew from there, I was about to get a REALLY bad cold.  Last Monday I had a tickly throat which stayed around until Wednesday when it formed into a nasty sounding cough.  Come Friday, my nose was all runny and stuffy!  I had one day (which was Saturday) when the flu took over.  I stayed in bed the whole day because I physically couldn’t do anything 😦  My head was aching I was that ill and I was starting to appreciate being able to breath properly because I was struggling SO much.  I actually woke one night with tears running down my face I was just that ill!

Make sure to use…

  1. Make sure you pick yourself up some tissues with “smoothing balm” on them.  I’ve inserted a picture of the exact tissues I bought in my local ASDA for £1.50 for 8 packets.  They help keep your nose moisturised as you are wiping all the oils off your nose when blowing it which will help reduce dry skin and redness.
  2. Buy yourself something to keep you warm.  It’s important to be warm but not warm from dry heat.  I read that dry heat isn’t good for your nose when you have the flu so turn your heating off and layer yourself.  I picked up a VERY cosy dressing gown (house coat) from £8 from Matalan.img_7365

Make sure to keep…

  1. To help you feel a little better and not let the flu take over, make sure to keep active.  Getting up and going out to do something really helped fight this flu a little more.  I felt 15% better actually getting up to go do something rather than lay at home feeling sorry for myself.
  2. Drink a little more than what your daily water intake is.  I was always told to keep my fluids and vitamins up when ill.  I took vitamin tablets and drank a little more than my daily water intake and I feel it helped flush out all the bad germs within.

To help breath through your nose…

  1.  It goes without saying, blow your nose EVERY TIME you need to clear it.  NEVER sniff!  It will help get rid of your cold quicker.
  2. Steam your nostrils.     I HIGHLY recommend steaming your nostrils!  I did this a few times whenever I felt as if my nostrils needed cleared because they were so stuffy and the tissue wasn’t unblocking them.  All I did was get a bowl (a big mixing bowl) and added a little boiling water from the kettle.  I proceeded to put a towel over my head to help keep the steam in and placed my face over the bowl.  I breathed in through my nose and out as much as I could before I had to lift my head to breath as I really couldn’t through my nose.


  1. Clean.  Clean like crazy!  Wash all bedding, floors and anything you have touched.  Wash away all the bad germs from around your house so no one else catches it.
  2. Personally, afterwards, I experienced a dry sore nose with dry lips as well.  I used Vaseline.  Original Vaseline for my nose and Vaseline with Aloe Vera in it for the lips.  Both which helped tremendously! img_7366

Hopefully none of you will need any of these tips and advice I’ve put in this blog because having that cold was horrid.  If you do have the flu, try some of the things I did above.  My cold only lasted a weekend.  Get well soon to those of you who do have the flu and I’ll see you (hopefully next Thursday) for a new blog post.

Lucy xX