Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by – new or old – I appreciate you all.   I hope the final few days leading up to Christmas are full of joy and not a lot of stress.  Are you all looking forward to Christmas?  The closer it gets the more I am!  Todays post won’t be for everyone but feel free to read anyway and let me know your responses in the comments.

I am going to jump straight into this blog post as I feel as if I have lots to cover.  So in the UK – let me know if anywhere else has this or similar – we have to sit (and MUST pass) a test called ‘Car Theory Test’.  It requires us to answer 50 multiple choice questions (with the pass mark having to be 43 or higher) and watch 14 mini clips showing a hazard (or two) and you have to click whenever you see a hazard developing.

In the UK, we have to book our test in advance online and pick a time slot suited for ourselves.  I booked my test on Monday for Thursday at 4:30pm in my local test centre.  For revision for this test, I read and answered EVERY SINGLE QUESTION in this book.  More towards Thursday, when I finished the book, I decided to take some online practice tests.  I visited MANY websites (I’ll link a few FREE ones below) and to be honest, I failed majority of them.  This was beginning to really stress me out.  My test was approaching FAST and I was failing more than passing.  I was stressing about this test more than my school exams AND THIS ONE I CAN SIT MORE THAN ONCE IF I FAIL, my school ones I can’t.  Who knows why I was stressing but I was and it was taking a toll on me.  I decided come Thursday (the day of my test), I was NOT going to revise.  So I never.  It was stressing me the he*k out.


I got 48 out of 50 (need to have 43 to pass this section) and 48 out of 75 (needed 44 to pass this section which was a close one)!  I’m going to answer a few questions I was asking myself which was adding to my stress.  I want to first of all tell you all to head over to my Instagram to see what my best friend Hannah got me and the story behind it – it’s the little things in life!  That’s all I’m saying.

 How long is the test? : The set time is 57 minutes for the first section, a 3 minute break and 14 mini clips for the last part.  You do not have to wait for everyone else, after you’ve finished the first set of questions, you can move on or go back and review questions you’ve flagged.  After you are satisfied with the first part, you get the choice to have a 3 minute break which you cannot move from your seat or you can skip it and move straight on to the next part.  For the last part (hazard perception), the clips just go on, you cannot replay the clips so its a fixed time for this part.  After this, you can leave to collect your results.   It took me 30 minutes to sit my test and I done pretty well if I do say so myself.