Here is a short review on the yearly Christmas Pantomime I attend each year here in Scotland.

Since as long as I remember, around each Christmas (mid December) my Dad, my step Mum, my brother and other siblings (once they were old enough to sit and watch it) would all attend the yearly Christmas pantomime at HMT in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Every year the performance would be different.  From what I’ve heard, Alan McHugh co-writes and also performs these pantomimes each year ( you can read more on Alan here.)   I can’t remember what the pantomime was each year since I was little but I do know I’ve seen Jack and the Bean Stalk, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan (which I think was last years) and this years pantomime which was Dick McWhittington.

A very brief summary of the Pantomime (for those who don’t know about Dick McWhittington.)  There is a bad guy called King rat that wanted to take over Aberdeen but Dick McWhittington, (and his cat) was going to save the day and stop the rat taking over.  Read more of the story at this very useful website I found.

Now onto the review…  I personally thought that the pantomime this year wasn’t as good as preview years.  The reason for this, I’m honestly not sure which doesn’t make any sense but I am thinking maybe I didn’t enjoy it as much because I’d never heard of Dick McWhittington.  It was very jumpy!  Which I hate.  People would come from behind the crowd during certain dances (some which would come up close to your face if you were at the end of a row) and it was unexpected.  However my little sister Ella, her friend at school had already been to the pantomime and warned her about them coming from behind you so the entire time, I was looking out for them as Ella had told me about them (which is maybe another huge reason why I never enjoyed it that much.)  Also at the end of every pantomime there has always been a wedding.  Whereas this year, we were invited to the wedding (like always) but there was no wedding.  They were just wearing wedding outfits while saying goodbye.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this yearly pantomime and will continue to go back each year of my existence.  It’s a great night out with your family and/or friends with LOTS of laughs, jokes which are sometimes x rated and they include latest trends within it.  For example, they had a dab included this year, as well as Donald Trump, the mannequin challenge and a issue personal to Aberdeen city.  I always look forward to attending the pantomime regardless!

My favourite part about the pantomime this year (and every other year previously) has to be, whenever they come out of character and still crack some good jokes.  There is always mistakes made – some which are intended – but they always bring the crowd to laughter.  You can clearly see the bond between actors which is priceless.

I look forward to next year and to help me enjoy the pantomime in 2017, I am NOT sitting at the end of a row.  Just in case anything comes from behind.  There always is but I’ve never sat at the end before – it was my first time.

That’s all for this weeks blog post.  Let me know in the comments below if you are planning to (or have seen) a pantomime this year.  Also if you want, you can leave me future blog posts you’d like to see from myself or anything you’d like me to review in the near future.   Whether you answer my question or leave a suggestion or not, defiantly leave a comment so I can check your blog out too.   Until next Thursday check out my previous post here.