November favourites.  Everything I’ve been loving this month!  From music, food, clothes, accessories, decorations, weather or programmes.  Just anything and everything I can think of that I’ve been loving!  I’m going to aim to have these posted monthly around the end of each month so make sure you click follow.

As this is my first ever blog post I don’t know how to order this.  I’m just going to list stuff I’ve been loving and if anyone has any feedback or examples of a good layout for blog posts and monthly favourites, leave a comment below.

1.  My favourite app this month that I’ve been visiting more than others on my iPhone is Instagram.  I’ve been trying to post daily on there but then I found it difficult after I realised I don’t do much, so I have nothing to post about.  This is my favourite post I’ve posted this month.


2.  My favourite programme HAS to be I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here this month.  It started just over 3 weeks ago and its now on its last week.  I’ve been voting for which celebrity I want to do the trails and for which I want to win.  Oh and you can vote 5 times for free via the app each time the voting lines open which is how I’ve managed to vote.  I want Scarlett to be queen of the jungle!

 3.  I listen to music most mornings and I have a very small playlist which is made up of my favourite songs played on Radio 1.  I love listening to the chart show on Fridays and the top 10 gets played just after 5pm.  My favourite song of the month is always in the top 10 if not the top 3.  Lately I’ve also discovered an old playlist of mine with some great tunes on it from a while back.  I’ve been listening to Amnesia by 5SOS from my old playlist and my new recent favourite song is Starving by Hailee Steinfeld although I’ve been giving it a skip lately…  What is your favourite song right now?

4.  Now onto the topic of food.  It is what you have all been waiting for, isn’t it?  There is SO many types of food.  Fast food, junk food, healthy food and normal meal food.  For each of those types, here are my favourites..  Healthy food- I’ve not been particularly healthy this month in fact, I’ve probably been the most unhealthy I’ve been this year however, I did occasionally pick up some Raspberries (whenever they were reduced to 99p in my local co-op.)  For junk food- I eat it ALL the time.  Difficult to pick this one but I have to say its been chocolate raisins.  Does that count as 1 of my 5 a day?  For fast food- I love a pot of curry sauce and a portion of chips from the Chinese at the bottom of the road.  For the normal meal food- it has to be a steak pie/slice with puff pastry.  HAS TO BE puff pastry nothing in between!!   My mum gets some really lovely steak slices from ASDA for about £2 or less.

5.  Winter has approached us and I’m telling you, walking Nico first thing in the morning when you wake up feels great, but its FREEZING!!  I usually wrap up warmer than I need to because I simply don’t like being cold but there is only so much layers you can put on before your jacket doesn’t zip up.  So this year I decided to buy my first bobble hat.  I originally purchased one from ASDA but I didn’t like it on so I put it back and purchased two (which was cheaper than ASDA for the both of them) from Primark.  A pink one and a white one and I must tell you, they are the best!  Haven’t done your hair today?  Put on a bobble hat.  Your ears get sore with the wind?  Put on a bobble hat.  They are the answer and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them even after winter is done.

Let me know what you have been loving this month below and what other kind of things you’d like to see feature in my favourites each month.

***EDIT: I don’t want to delete this post as it was my first ever published post but I apologise for the lack of pictures.  I was playing around with my blog and somehow I’ve deleted a lot of my picture off blog posts. ***