Hello.  Happy Pancake Day!  I did plan a Pancake Day post but unfortunately, my pancakes didn’t turn out great…  We are making some more pancakes after supper time so I’ll upload it in a few weeks if it goes well.  Back to this blog post; On Saturday me and my Mum attended a warehouse sale nearby for a nosey.  It is our FAVOURITE thing to do!  Rummaging around someone’s old crap.  The warehouse sale was for charity.  It was sort of like a car boot sale but indoors!?  There was different “stalls,” floors and sections for everything.  Anything you can think of…  9 times out of 10, it was there! The charity was called ‘Somebody Cares‘.

In total I spent £5 which everything I bought would have cost me somewhere around £30 bought in store or online.

One thing I will mention which wasn’t a great experience – my Mum picked up a glass paint set.  It was originally from ‘The Works‘ and had a price tag saying £1.  Now the whole point of a sale is that things are cheaper than their usual price.  The lady still asked for £1.However, I bought books.  I’ll get those out of the way first because I’m not a huge book reader (maybe you are but I’m certainly not) but I do want to get into reading more!  I used to be a HUGE book worm that I’d forever have a book in my hand.  I actually one time did a “Summer Reading Challenge” in my local library.  I was picked to go along to an Author presentation.  It was 3 for £1 for paperbacks and £1 each for hardbacks at the warehouse sale.  I managed to get all 5 for £2 even though one was a hard back.  If you’d like a book review on any of them after I’ve read it, let me know in the comment section down below.

Bought 3 ornaments for my shelf full of rubber ducks and elephants.  No idea timg_7300he price for these (50p/£1).  I have no idea why I bought the glass duck (middle ornament) as I don’t collect ducks..  I collect rubber ones!  It is nice though so it will fit in with my shelf.  As for the elephant ornament (not the glass one), the detail is amazing!  They’ve put a rain drop dripping off the umbrella.

Last thing (but it was actually the first thing I picked up) was a jewellery holder.  I do have a jewellery box but I’ve got a little more than 6 necklaces so I’ve been having to put 2-3 necklaces on the 1 hook which prevents keeping it organised and untangled.  No idea if I’ll be keeping it out on my table after I add necklaces to it or not but it is a very nice piece that adds to my bedroom which I have changed.

That is all for my haul.  My very first haul!!  This was super easy to write that it only took me about an hour and a half while watching someone do Elder Scrolls Online, Maelstrom Arena on Twitch.  I’m very chuffed with how long it took!  I’m going to shut my laptop now and probably get on Elder Scrolls myself (or read).  Follow my Snapchat: {lucybuchan99} to keep up to date with what I’m doing daily.

Lucy xX