Hello.  Thank you for having a nosey at this blog!  Today is Sunday for me when I’m writing this post.  How was your weekend?  Let me know what you did and how you were below in the comments.  I was VERY ill and tired Friday.  I went to bed at 8:45pm and woke at 7am.  We had Ava over Saturday.  It was horrible weather so we cancelled our plans and stayed inside.  Come today (Sunday), my plans is to work on getting on top of chores and blog posts.

Todays post is all about pancakes.  YUM!  Pancake Day was around a week ago now for us here in the UK.  I attempted making a Pancake Day blog post but I SUCKED at making pancakes a week ago.  Throughout the week I’ve been working on the perfect pancakes to share with you all.  Now I’ve only attempted these 4 times – 3 which have gone very well and 1 not so much…  I’m still going to share my personal recipe I’ve come up with and be sure to let me know how yours goes if you try it out.  You can get in touch below in the comments or by any of my social media I have shared (I’ll link it all at the end of the post).


Makes 5/6 pancakes minimum.

  • Add 300ml of whole milk to a jug – For less dishes to clean up, I add all my ingredients after measured out to the jug.
  • Measure out 200g of plain flour on a plate.  I usually add my flour bit by bit.  So I add 150g to start with, 25g (after I’ve mixed until smooth) then a further 25g.  It is easier to mix together if you are using a jug.
  • Measure out 30g of sugar onto the same plate above.  This is to reduce the end dishes as well HAHA.  I found that 25g was NOT enough sugar because I could not taste it.  I found 30g was enough that you could taste it but you could get away with adding a little more!
  • If you don’t have a non stick frying pan, use something to prevent your pancake sticking like; sunflower oil or I personally use butter.



  1. Gather all your ingredients as explained above.
  2. GRADUALLY add your flour to the milk (its easier to mix that way) until its all in and mixed well.  Your mixture should have the same consistency as yogurt.  See last step if your mixture is too runny or too thick.
  3. If you’ve separated your sugar, this would be the point to add it and mix.
  4. While you are finishing mixing, heat your frying pan up.  Its your choice if you add the “something to prevent your pancake from sticking” now or before you put your mixture in.
  5. Once you feel as if you are ready to make your pancakes, add some mixture to the pan.  However much you wish.
  6. Your pancake will be ready to flip when it freely moves around the pan when you tilt your pan side to side OR apparently when you see air bubbles but I’ve never been able to flip at that point…
  7. Your other side will be able to flip faster.  Just leave it a few seconds before you do so.
  8. Continue flipping your pancake from each side until its the right colour you like it.  I notice the first few are white and don’t really change colour whereas the last one or two are a lot more golden!

** If your pancake isn’t the same consistency as yogurt and is either too thick or too runny, you can add some more milk to help make it less thick OR add more flour to make it thicker **  LITTLE IS MORE Only add a little at a time.  You can always add but cannot take away!


That’s it for my pancake recipe.  I’m going to start working on reducing the mixture measurements so that it only makes a few pancakes for one person because I end up wasting some.  Once I get those measurements for one person, I’ll edit them into this post so be sure to check back again soon!

**EDIT: If you want to make around 3-4 pancakes using this recipe, half the ingredients.  So I used 150ml of milk, 100g of plain flour and 15g of sugar.  Let me know how this goes for you all.  I’ve only made this once.

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Hello.  Happy Pancake Day!  I did plan a Pancake Day post but unfortunately, my pancakes didn’t turn out great…  We are making some more pancakes after supper time so I’ll upload it in a few weeks if it goes well.  Back to this blog post; On Saturday me and my Mum attended a warehouse sale nearby for a nosey.  It is our FAVOURITE thing to do!  Rummaging around someone’s old crap.  The warehouse sale was for charity.  It was sort of like a car boot sale but indoors!?  There was different “stalls,” floors and sections for everything.  Anything you can think of…  9 times out of 10, it was there! The charity was called ‘Somebody Cares‘.

In total I spent £5 which everything I bought would have cost me somewhere around £30 bought in store or online.

One thing I will mention which wasn’t a great experience – my Mum picked up a glass paint set.  It was originally from ‘The Works‘ and had a price tag saying £1.  Now the whole point of a sale is that things are cheaper than their usual price.  The lady still asked for £1.However, I bought books.  I’ll get those out of the way first because I’m not a huge book reader (maybe you are but I’m certainly not) but I do want to get into reading more!  I used to be a HUGE book worm that I’d forever have a book in my hand.  I actually one time did a “Summer Reading Challenge” in my local library.  I was picked to go along to an Author presentation.  It was 3 for £1 for paperbacks and £1 each for hardbacks at the warehouse sale.  I managed to get all 5 for £2 even though one was a hard back.  If you’d like a book review on any of them after I’ve read it, let me know in the comment section down below.

Bought 3 ornaments for my shelf full of rubber ducks and elephants.  No idea timg_7300he price for these (50p/£1).  I have no idea why I bought the glass duck (middle ornament) as I don’t collect ducks..  I collect rubber ones!  It is nice though so it will fit in with my shelf.  As for the elephant ornament (not the glass one), the detail is amazing!  They’ve put a rain drop dripping off the umbrella.

Last thing (but it was actually the first thing I picked up) was a jewellery holder.  I do have a jewellery box but I’ve got a little more than 6 necklaces so I’ve been having to put 2-3 necklaces on the 1 hook which prevents keeping it organised and untangled.  No idea if I’ll be keeping it out on my table after I add necklaces to it or not but it is a very nice piece that adds to my bedroom which I have changed.

That is all for my haul.  My very first haul!!  This was super easy to write that it only took me about an hour and a half while watching someone do Elder Scrolls Online, Maelstrom Arena on Twitch.  I’m very chuffed with how long it took!  I’m going to shut my laptop now and probably get on Elder Scrolls myself (or read).  Follow my Snapchat: {lucybuchan99} to keep up to date with what I’m doing daily.

Lucy xX



Hi everyone!  Hopefully you all had a good New Year.  I took a little break from the blog around that time, I apologise for that.  I will hopefully – fingers crossed – get back into weekly blogging.

I first of all just want to say that everything I mention, is my own opinion and it worked for me BUT,there is a chance it might not work for you.


Before I had a horrendous cold, I had a few days of “pre flu symptoms” which I knew from there, I was about to get a REALLY bad cold.  Last Monday I had a tickly throat which stayed around until Wednesday when it formed into a nasty sounding cough.  Come Friday, my nose was all runny and stuffy!  I had one day (which was Saturday) when the flu took over.  I stayed in bed the whole day because I physically couldn’t do anything 😦  My head was aching I was that ill and I was starting to appreciate being able to breath properly because I was struggling SO much.  I actually woke one night with tears running down my face I was just that ill!

Make sure to use…

  1. Make sure you pick yourself up some tissues with “smoothing balm” on them.  I’ve inserted a picture of the exact tissues I bought in my local ASDA for £1.50 for 8 packets.  They help keep your nose moisturised as you are wiping all the oils off your nose when blowing it which will help reduce dry skin and redness.
  2. Buy yourself something to keep you warm.  It’s important to be warm but not warm from dry heat.  I read that dry heat isn’t good for your nose when you have the flu so turn your heating off and layer yourself.  I picked up a VERY cosy dressing gown (house coat) from £8 from Matalan.img_7365

Make sure to keep…

  1. To help you feel a little better and not let the flu take over, make sure to keep active.  Getting up and going out to do something really helped fight this flu a little more.  I felt 15% better actually getting up to go do something rather than lay at home feeling sorry for myself.
  2. Drink a little more than what your daily water intake is.  I was always told to keep my fluids and vitamins up when ill.  I took vitamin tablets and drank a little more than my daily water intake and I feel it helped flush out all the bad germs within.

To help breath through your nose…

  1.  It goes without saying, blow your nose EVERY TIME you need to clear it.  NEVER sniff!  It will help get rid of your cold quicker.
  2. Steam your nostrils.     I HIGHLY recommend steaming your nostrils!  I did this a few times whenever I felt as if my nostrils needed cleared because they were so stuffy and the tissue wasn’t unblocking them.  All I did was get a bowl (a big mixing bowl) and added a little boiling water from the kettle.  I proceeded to put a towel over my head to help keep the steam in and placed my face over the bowl.  I breathed in through my nose and out as much as I could before I had to lift my head to breath as I really couldn’t through my nose.


  1. Clean.  Clean like crazy!  Wash all bedding, floors and anything you have touched.  Wash away all the bad germs from around your house so no one else catches it.
  2. Personally, afterwards, I experienced a dry sore nose with dry lips as well.  I used Vaseline.  Original Vaseline for my nose and Vaseline with Aloe Vera in it for the lips.  Both which helped tremendously! img_7366

Hopefully none of you will need any of these tips and advice I’ve put in this blog because having that cold was horrid.  If you do have the flu, try some of the things I did above.  My cold only lasted a weekend.  Get well soon to those of you who do have the flu and I’ll see you (hopefully next Thursday) for a new blog post.

Lucy xX




Hello everyone.   Merry Christmas!

Can you believe Christmas has been and gone already?  Crazy?  I know!  I hope you all had a smashing Christmas no matter what you got or what you were doing and the rest of the year will be a blast too.


I want to start off with a little bit about what I actually wanted for Christmas.  A little ‘Christmas Wish List’.  I’m 17 now so I don’t get stacks of presents for Christmas like I use to.  In fact, even last year I hardly got anything but mainly because what I wanted, cost a fortune!  *The picture above is for all of us, not just me.  Mostly my 10 year old sister*  This year, I’ve not been fused in what I wanted.  I had mentioned around October time (when my friends had an 18th birthday party), I wanted a Pandora bracelet.  I watched my friends open their presents from other friends and they got a Pandora charm which they can now link to their 18th birthday.  It’s like memories on a bracelet sort of thing?  Does that make any sense?

Gifts: Almost every gift other than the main presents were bath bits and bobs (bath bombs, salts and lotion) – not sure if that’s everyone telling me in need to wash more than I do or not? 😛  Other than that, I got a wash bag (to put all the lotion and potions I got today in), a MK handbag, couple of t-shirts and a set of pyjamas with some cosy socks.


Main gift: I was aware I was receiving the Pandora bracelet for many different reasons. 1) Mum asked if I wanted one after I mentioned it earlier on in the year.  2) Mum had to ask for my wrist size and told me what for so I could go higher or lower in size depending how I want it to sit and fit.  3) Mum volunteers in a local charity shop on Fridays.  Someone had come in to donate the charm so my Mum snatched it up as it was selling for £2.50.  My dad and Jenna (step mum) got me another charm to put on my bracelet.  It says “daughter” and the one my mum got me says “I love you” with a heart in like a dice form.


Food gifts: I got LOTS of chocolate.  I mean A LOT!  I love chocolate so it’ll all be eaten before I’m back to work on Tuesday 😛  If there is any left after my Christmas munch tonight…  I get chocolate in my socking before opening any presents.  Me and my siblings all exchange chocolates that we don’t particularly want/like.  The bigger boxes of chocolate (or the chocolate that’s been gifted by a younger sibling) gets wrapped and opened like a present.


Gifts already given: A few times on the run up to Christmas my Mum would tell me she has picked something up for me.  Eventually as time ticked by, when it came to wrapping presents, she’d just hand me a few stuff saying “I’ll just give you it now that way I don’t need to wrap it.”  The only two things I remember were 4 ducks.  One which came as a pack of three and one which was alone.  They already have places on my shelves.  I also knew about a few things she’d gotten me, wrapped and was keeping until Christmas day as she’d be too excited about what she’d picked up, she ended up spilling the beans.

I’m extremely thankful for everything I got.  No matter if I already have it or not.  Now I just have to find a place to put it all as my bath collection box is full already…  I hear a wardrobe clean out coming happening very soon.

Let me know what you got for Christmas down below in the comments and your main big present that you received.  I’m excited to read them all.  If you fancy another read of something else, be sure to check out my blog post from last Thursday – THE STRESS OF THE THEORY TEST (UK).  Leave any ideas you wish me to blog about below.  I’m open to anything.  Until I next post, take care!

Lucy xX


Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by – new or old – I appreciate you all.   I hope the final few days leading up to Christmas are full of joy and not a lot of stress.  Are you all looking forward to Christmas?  The closer it gets the more I am!  Todays post won’t be for everyone but feel free to read anyway and let me know your responses in the comments.

I am going to jump straight into this blog post as I feel as if I have lots to cover.  So in the UK – let me know if anywhere else has this or similar – we have to sit (and MUST pass) a test called ‘Car Theory Test’.  It requires us to answer 50 multiple choice questions (with the pass mark having to be 43 or higher) and watch 14 mini clips showing a hazard (or two) and you have to click whenever you see a hazard developing.

In the UK, we have to book our test in advance online and pick a time slot suited for ourselves.  I booked my test on Monday for Thursday at 4:30pm in my local test centre.  For revision for this test, I read and answered EVERY SINGLE QUESTION in this book.  More towards Thursday, when I finished the book, I decided to take some online practice tests.  I visited MANY websites (I’ll link a few FREE ones below) and to be honest, I failed majority of them.  This was beginning to really stress me out.  My test was approaching FAST and I was failing more than passing.  I was stressing about this test more than my school exams AND THIS ONE I CAN SIT MORE THAN ONCE IF I FAIL, my school ones I can’t.  Who knows why I was stressing but I was and it was taking a toll on me.  I decided come Thursday (the day of my test), I was NOT going to revise.  So I never.  It was stressing me the he*k out.


I got 48 out of 50 (need to have 43 to pass this section) and 48 out of 75 (needed 44 to pass this section which was a close one)!  I’m going to answer a few questions I was asking myself which was adding to my stress.  I want to first of all tell you all to head over to my Instagram to see what my best friend Hannah got me and the story behind it – it’s the little things in life!  That’s all I’m saying.

 How long is the test? : The set time is 57 minutes for the first section, a 3 minute break and 14 mini clips for the last part.  You do not have to wait for everyone else, after you’ve finished the first set of questions, you can move on or go back and review questions you’ve flagged.  After you are satisfied with the first part, you get the choice to have a 3 minute break which you cannot move from your seat or you can skip it and move straight on to the next part.  For the last part (hazard perception), the clips just go on, you cannot replay the clips so its a fixed time for this part.  After this, you can leave to collect your results.   It took me 30 minutes to sit my test and I done pretty well if I do say so myself.



Here is a short review on the yearly Christmas Pantomime I attend each year here in Scotland.

Since as long as I remember, around each Christmas (mid December) my Dad, my step Mum, my brother and other siblings (once they were old enough to sit and watch it) would all attend the yearly Christmas pantomime at HMT in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Every year the performance would be different.  From what I’ve heard, Alan McHugh co-writes and also performs these pantomimes each year ( you can read more on Alan here.)   I can’t remember what the pantomime was each year since I was little but I do know I’ve seen Jack and the Bean Stalk, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan (which I think was last years) and this years pantomime which was Dick McWhittington.

A very brief summary of the Pantomime (for those who don’t know about Dick McWhittington.)  There is a bad guy called King rat that wanted to take over Aberdeen but Dick McWhittington, (and his cat) was going to save the day and stop the rat taking over.  Read more of the story at this very useful website I found.

Now onto the review…  I personally thought that the pantomime this year wasn’t as good as preview years.  The reason for this, I’m honestly not sure which doesn’t make any sense but I am thinking maybe I didn’t enjoy it as much because I’d never heard of Dick McWhittington.  It was very jumpy!  Which I hate.  People would come from behind the crowd during certain dances (some which would come up close to your face if you were at the end of a row) and it was unexpected.  However my little sister Ella, her friend at school had already been to the pantomime and warned her about them coming from behind you so the entire time, I was looking out for them as Ella had told me about them (which is maybe another huge reason why I never enjoyed it that much.)  Also at the end of every pantomime there has always been a wedding.  Whereas this year, we were invited to the wedding (like always) but there was no wedding.  They were just wearing wedding outfits while saying goodbye.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this yearly pantomime and will continue to go back each year of my existence.  It’s a great night out with your family and/or friends with LOTS of laughs, jokes which are sometimes x rated and they include latest trends within it.  For example, they had a dab included this year, as well as Donald Trump, the mannequin challenge and a issue personal to Aberdeen city.  I always look forward to attending the pantomime regardless!

My favourite part about the pantomime this year (and every other year previously) has to be, whenever they come out of character and still crack some good jokes.  There is always mistakes made – some which are intended – but they always bring the crowd to laughter.  You can clearly see the bond between actors which is priceless.

I look forward to next year and to help me enjoy the pantomime in 2017, I am NOT sitting at the end of a row.  Just in case anything comes from behind.  There always is but I’ve never sat at the end before – it was my first time.

That’s all for this weeks blog post.  Let me know in the comments below if you are planning to (or have seen) a pantomime this year.  Also if you want, you can leave me future blog posts you’d like to see from myself or anything you’d like me to review in the near future.   Whether you answer my question or leave a suggestion or not, defiantly leave a comment so I can check your blog out too.   Until next Thursday check out my previous post here.


November favourites.  Everything I’ve been loving this month!  From music, food, clothes, accessories, decorations, weather or programmes.  Just anything and everything I can think of that I’ve been loving!  I’m going to aim to have these posted monthly around the end of each month so make sure you click follow.

As this is my first ever blog post I don’t know how to order this.  I’m just going to list stuff I’ve been loving and if anyone has any feedback or examples of a good layout for blog posts and monthly favourites, leave a comment below.

1.  My favourite app this month that I’ve been visiting more than others on my iPhone is Instagram.  I’ve been trying to post daily on there but then I found it difficult after I realised I don’t do much, so I have nothing to post about.  This is my favourite post I’ve posted this month.


2.  My favourite programme HAS to be I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here this month.  It started just over 3 weeks ago and its now on its last week.  I’ve been voting for which celebrity I want to do the trails and for which I want to win.  Oh and you can vote 5 times for free via the app each time the voting lines open which is how I’ve managed to vote.  I want Scarlett to be queen of the jungle!

 3.  I listen to music most mornings and I have a very small playlist which is made up of my favourite songs played on Radio 1.  I love listening to the chart show on Fridays and the top 10 gets played just after 5pm.  My favourite song of the month is always in the top 10 if not the top 3.  Lately I’ve also discovered an old playlist of mine with some great tunes on it from a while back.  I’ve been listening to Amnesia by 5SOS from my old playlist and my new recent favourite song is Starving by Hailee Steinfeld although I’ve been giving it a skip lately…  What is your favourite song right now?

4.  Now onto the topic of food.  It is what you have all been waiting for, isn’t it?  There is SO many types of food.  Fast food, junk food, healthy food and normal meal food.  For each of those types, here are my favourites..  Healthy food- I’ve not been particularly healthy this month in fact, I’ve probably been the most unhealthy I’ve been this year however, I did occasionally pick up some Raspberries (whenever they were reduced to 99p in my local co-op.)  For junk food- I eat it ALL the time.  Difficult to pick this one but I have to say its been chocolate raisins.  Does that count as 1 of my 5 a day?  For fast food- I love a pot of curry sauce and a portion of chips from the Chinese at the bottom of the road.  For the normal meal food- it has to be a steak pie/slice with puff pastry.  HAS TO BE puff pastry nothing in between!!   My mum gets some really lovely steak slices from ASDA for about £2 or less.

5.  Winter has approached us and I’m telling you, walking Nico first thing in the morning when you wake up feels great, but its FREEZING!!  I usually wrap up warmer than I need to because I simply don’t like being cold but there is only so much layers you can put on before your jacket doesn’t zip up.  So this year I decided to buy my first bobble hat.  I originally purchased one from ASDA but I didn’t like it on so I put it back and purchased two (which was cheaper than ASDA for the both of them) from Primark.  A pink one and a white one and I must tell you, they are the best!  Haven’t done your hair today?  Put on a bobble hat.  Your ears get sore with the wind?  Put on a bobble hat.  They are the answer and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them even after winter is done.

Let me know what you have been loving this month below and what other kind of things you’d like to see feature in my favourites each month.

***EDIT: I don’t want to delete this post as it was my first ever published post but I apologise for the lack of pictures.  I was playing around with my blog and somehow I’ve deleted a lot of my picture off blog posts. ***